Some Zanzibar snaps

This is the first batch of photos we’re working on, these are from the dives and snorkeling we did on the north side of Zanzibar island around the areas of Kendwa and Nungwi. We did a dive at the Mnemba Atoll, a very nice large coral reef which was close to an island that Bill Gate’s once owned, and then sold to a hotel. The cost for staying there is $1800 per night, per person. That is why they had a patrol boat to make sure no on stops on the island, or you are charged a hefty fee and then need to leave.

The Canon underwater camera we got since i had the last one stolen worked out quite well, if only we could get the fish to pose for us better, or at least not swim away when you come at them.

These first snaps are from Kendwa beach where we stayed first, great stretch of island with minimal tide, so you could swim there day and night no problem. Very peaceful there, the sea was so clear and the water warm. Had some decent snorkeling with some coral and fish maybe 20 yards out from shore. And most of these snaps are from Mnemba.

The reef was very bountiful with colorful fish, some large fish, some rays and eels. Unfortunately we did not see any sea turtles in the wild, though some a few in a sanctuary for turtles that had been hurt or caught in nets. But we got this stone fish, a couple of eels, a blue spotted ray (which our dive master took this fine photo of it hiding under some coral), some little blue fish hanging in the coral, and these yellow ones. Sorry, that’s as technical with the names i can get right now. We’ll be posting plenty more soon, so stay tuned. Cheers!


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