running around

lukasz has had his 1st swim of the season in the gc pool…

thanks aunts and grandma for the swim trucks!  still fit for swim season #2!

thanks aunts and grandma for the swim trucks! still fit for swim season #2!

we’re running all around and all of the time

monday, dance

tuesday, swim or golf (depending on the weather)

wednesday, art

thursday, our only FREE day and have friends that want to start a drumming circle that we might do…

see, he really really really likes drumming but that could also be the 'puffs' talking!

see, he really really really likes drumming but that could also be the ‘puffs’ talking!

fridays, ok this one might be more for poppy and i but beer & babies is about the only time that he gets to run around and play with his ‘friends’ without a whole lots of guidance.  we let them make messes at our houses and destroy playrooms that take LOTS of time to fix back but it’s fun.  for the adults AND the kids!!

saturday:  shopping and other stuff.  (poppy works on a saturday about 2 weeks every 5 weeks or so…)

sunday:  just us.  sometimes, we shop.  sometimes, we play.  sometimes, one of sleeps late (please, let it be me this week…  )

yesterday, we went to dedza with visitors.  luka chased chickens (we really need to get some so he can play with them…)

i got my ‘cake stand’.

we bought peaches to so i can make some peach pie for poppy for our 10 yr next week

the kind.le fir.e is acting up so it’s a good thing that those are going on sell.  (merry christmas, poppy! lukasz will steal it from you!)

our house is completely dusty even though florence is dusting daily.  (and in october she is starting full time on tuesday and thursday with us)

i feel a bit horrible but we’re not taking amy anywhere to visit including the huge music show at the lake

i can’t chase down luka, make sure that poppy is sitting down (we don’t want a repeat of last weekend’s trip to the lake again! 😦 ) and make sure that amy is happy and stays GF and no one gets food poisoning.  and and and.

that’s not fun for me!!  and it would LOTS of money even in our tents.

not fun!

so instead we’ll do farmer’s market (which she likes) and it’s in town…

just nearby

we had pizza last nite.  (she’s bring her own flour for cooking/baking and it’s nice)  we made some bread the other day.  a friend in town gave us lots of veggies…

yummy fennel!!

i got new panties yesterday.  (somehow, i forgot to buy any last summer)

we’re working on our next two big trips including sort of planning one to the states…

coming summer of 2015

or spring

luka’s school that he would attend next yr starts the 1st week of aug

soooo just lots of going on.

plus my schooling

but my sis (thanks) has the roughest copy of a cv ever in her inbox so we’ll see how it goes…

no adult swimming cause it's green!

no adult swimming cause it’s green!

ps.  look how big the kid has gotten.  the kiddie pool is BELOW his waist.  below-how did this happen.

pps.  now after his bath and i wrap him in his towel and pick him up he tells me ‘too big’!  le sigh!


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