at the dam

we headed to the dam so i could take some pic of the newborn.

i was supposed to be 2 fams with 4 kids

it ended up being 5 fams

10 kids!!!!!

it was awesome!!

so many kids

honestly, not many fights once the ‘pecking order’ was established

the adults got to chat and sit in the shade and stare at the water

chase after the kids

any of the kids

the kitchen brought out the food for the kids 1st

we had great salads

i made a GF dessert for our guest

the kids played and played and played

the pool, the bikes, the slip-n-slide, the trees, throwing rocks, stomp rocket (multiple multiple multiple times)

lots and lots of chatting and planning to overtake the world or at least the house by the kids (and the husbands)

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