‘ballet’ class and swimming

he has ballet class on monday

he kinda likes it


i wish that it was 2-3 instead of 3-4.

and it was more a movement class

or that the class was smaller

or just something

but i do LOVE that he’s moving and trying new stuff

this was the third class and it was the 1st time that i got to sit on the porch with all the rest of the other mothers.

this is swimming that we do on tues

usually there are about 3-4 other kids too

but i was horribly organized and didn’t get that far

but this year, we are to work on getting his arms moving when he swims, too

it’s a bit hard to notice in this video (i didn’t want to get too close cause then he stops) but his arms are moving or his legs are kicking

but not both at the same time…

and yes, you’ll correctly-he’s drinking in the pool!

ps.  we’re having HORRIBLE internet issues so we’ll either be here or not…  but just horrible.  and it doesn’t matter which isp you are using, either!


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