i should write about our big 10 yr celebration but i’m just too tired so instead you get this…

  • ohhhh my, we are not our 10 yr younger selves…
  • we are old
  • and middle-aged
  • to make that peach pie for our 10 yr-i bought peaches 3 days in advance and soaked them in 1 cup sugar and 2/3 cup water
  • the peaches still tasted a bit sour (not as bad as  the last time i attempted this) but the GLAZE was heaven in a bite!
  • we’ve done sooooo much these past 2 weeks that amy has been here
  • he’s barely recovered from the foot surgery
  • i think that we’ll all be asleep by 8 tonite
  • BUT (kinda fun for us) rob AND i both got to go out last nite and dance and just have fun… until 2 am.
  • it was just like 10 yrs ago (almost…)a
  • luka asked amy to take this photo…
  • bi didn’t ask amy to take this one!!!
  • (funny story:  that guy in the white shirt behind totally punched and knocked out some other guy who was watching his ‘lady friend’ dance)

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