we have a new president

now, my parents won’t know this game but let’s just say that there is a certain drinking game called ‘president’ (aka a$$hole)


wiki kinda explains how it works but basically it’s a card drinking game and the goal is to NOT have any cards

certain cards clear

certain cards make you drink

you exchange cards

it’s fun times…

but there is a PRESIDENT

and he/she gets to make some rules

and the previous president rules apply to each round

but mostly, when the president says drink, you drink!

i have NO idea of where the kid has picked this up but he does it now

at dinner, at lunch, at breakfast, sometimes even snack time

he’ll make eye contact with all of us and say ‘everyone drink’

and we all have to drink!

otherwise, he get angry.

ps.  if you can say some prayers for me.  i’m having some troubles with blurry/double vision.  poppy’s office says that it’s just ear infections so we’ll see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “we have a new president

  1. Cherie says:

    My dearest husband does not have good memories of that game thanks to Rob & the golf team. I used to be so good at that game! Ahh … the good ol’ days!

    • Poppyseed and Muffin says:

      i know. ohhhh how the mighty have fallen. we play it with water now!!! but i still have NO idea where he learned that. really.

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