friday funnies

calling the police ‘troublesome’

the other day, lukasz and i were headed across town to attend his art group.   we had to pass through several police road blocks to get there.  in malawi, it IS completely appropriate to greet (say hi) to everyone in the car, including children in the back seat (but usually only during the daytime).

police:  hi.  how are you?

lukasz:  you’re troublesome

in my mind, i agreed but also kinda thought there are usual worse words that come out of our mouths with regards to the police service here.

it’s sunscreen time here and hot.  we prefer to put sunscreen on the kid before heading to the pool so we don’t have to wait for it to soak in.  mostly, we put it around his waist and head and face and ear.  (rash guards are amazing!!)  so, poppy was putting the sunscreen around his waist and lukasz was helping to rub it in.

lukasz:  put sunscreen on my peni.s

poppy:  nope, we don’t need it there.


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