marriage, marriage and more marriage from my 10 yr.

ok so my sis like a friend’s post on FB and i was nosy so i went to see what it was all about…

bless their hearts!

it was just what i needed to read at this time in our marriage.

i don’t think that it’ll be shock to anyone to know that i ‘endorse and encourage’ some talk therapy for ALL people at different times in their lives.  or that i’ve encouraged rob and i into martial counseling, most especially after the cancer and infertility.  (and by encourage i mean i booked us an appointment and made us go! 🙂 & and he thanked me later)

i think that there is a time and place for some talk therapy especially after ‘life changes’  (there are plenty of websites that you can go to to see if you could benefit from either pharma/talk therapy.   i encourage you to seek them out if you have questions about it cause them usually a big clue that you could.)

anyways, back to this…

we just had our tens year just a few days ago and if i feel that there was a qualified MFT or other MSW or other therapist around i would probably have booked us for some maintenance.  10 years is a big deal and i think that we’re feeling it at this point.  and it never hurts to reinforce our listening and empathy skills doing some martial counseling to make our marriage the best that it can be for the two of us.

anyways,  (very long story)…

i came across this.


mind blown but in a good way

some super powerful statements all from the huffpo (who could have guessed that!)

but my favorite is….

by practicing openness instead of defensiveness, forgiveness instead of vengeance, apology instead of blame,vulnerability instead of strength, and grace instead of power

this is probably cause (i find even more as adults) no one likes to say sorry or that they were wrong or or or….

but we need to remember that our spouse is our partner and if we can’t ‘show weakness’ in front of them, then we’re in trouble!

that’s all i have but you should really click on the link and read…


2 thoughts on “marriage, marriage and more marriage from my 10 yr.

  1. Rhonda says:

    You can be nosey anytime and I also thought it was a pretty powerful piece that really does make us take stock and assess your marriage. Love you and your fragile heart.

  2. Poppyseed and Muffin says:

    thanks! it was super interesting read. sometimes, i forget how ‘dynamic’ a marriage should be and just when i feel like i get a handle on the status-the status changes…

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