winter is coming so we’re building a bigger wall

oh how i wish the winter weather would really be coming but instead, we’re watching GoT.

it’s awesome raunchiness!!

and perverted! 🙂

but seriously we were having some back wall issues (the wall that forms our border with the ditch behind our house (read the thieves shortcut) and my garden).

our landlord came out and looked at it.

agreed with us

the next day masons knocked down 1 meter of our walls and built back up 1.5 meters.

along the whole back wall which is about 25-30 yards

we have a huge truck load of bricks in our front yard

a pile of sand by the garage

so i’ve been spending time watching GoT with one eye and watching the masons with the other making sure that we’re getting a good cement to sand ratio since that’s the reason our top 1 meter was bad.

and enjoying watching lukasz dance to mario brothers…


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