this is what we did instead of napping*

we chatted about christmas and riding on the plane.  sadly, we’re not coming to america (look for us spring/summer/fall of 2015) but we are going on what should be a pretty awesome trip.  right now, we’re working on getting luka comfortable on the planes with the noise.  when we go to the airport now, he complains that the planes are ‘too noisy’ and he gets scared and wants to return downstairs (out of eye sight of the planes).

but our plans include a week in kenya on safari and some shopping in NBO and then 10 days in the seychelles.  this is our big trip for our 10 yr that we weren’t able to take this past summer cause of the cyst in the foot.  but the foot is mostly healed now and we’re still married for 10 yrs so we’re taking a big trip for christmas.  WE can’t wait.   it’s been a long 18 mo here for all of us.  we all need the holiday!

we are planning our trip back to the states for 2015.  currently, it’s complicated! 🙂

*someone has decided that he no longer needs naps and is even refusing to rest time in bed with some books and cars.  refusing, loudly and frequently and he’s getting up for the day around 5 am.  we’re having sooooooo much fun in the house right now! (sarcasm)


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