sooooo verrrrrrrrrry tireddddddddddddddd

i don’t know that i’ve been this tired since the kid was a little itty bitty titty tiny baby…….

rob’s coming home today after lunch

lukasz has super bad runny nose and horrible cough (maybe a spider bite on his leg that he won’t let me look at or touch or maybe a bee sting from the pool-read-he won’t let me touch…)

since sunday, i’ve been putting luka to bed at nite without a diaper so i’m thinking that we can offically cross potty training off our parenting list

of course, he has peed in the bed twice but that’s 3 sleeps so we’re working on it.

and we had the next season of dexter arrive just before poppy left and i’ve resisted watching it!!

and because of the cough, i’ve let luka sleep with me and he’s had wakes at 6:38, 6:54 & 6:41


(but i’ve not gone sleep until 2 am all of the nites that poppy’s been gone!)


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