since we last chatted

  • luka saw santa and he didn’t cry.  ‘he’ wrote a letter and asked for a cake!
  • i dropped a bottle of vanilla on my kindle and it broke…
  • our router broke
  • we got up super early so that we could head to the airport
  • so far i don’t think that we have forgotten anything except for l’s lovie to go to sleep at nite which is OTTER or MONKEY
  • our first nite in NBO, we headed to carnivore to eat some meat for poppy’s belated birthday (why do anything too big in MW when this made him soooooo much more happy!)
  • our hotel room was full of mozzies.  (we’re probably all gonna get malaria) and the kitchen downstairs was super super noisy until 2 am
  • riding on the bus at the airport has been the highlite so far
  • and seeing cement trucks working and spinning
  • my highlite has been just sitting on the porch at the safari camp and watching the mountain
  • i have no idea about rob’s but he’s sleeping and i’m guessing with the amount of work that he’s done the last 6 weeks, sleeping might be it!
  • i’m off tomorrow (?) to maybe get a really good sewing machine…
  • fun is taking your kid into a toy store and buying a toy

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