and he snorkels!!


here we are practicing.

face in and looking at poppyseed


and away we go!!


there are the fishies

‘kill’em’ was repeatedly said, loudly, often, without ceasing!


i guess that we’ll be buying a kid size snorkel next year when we’re home.

he like it, really like!

he got frustrated when i insisted on holding on to his hand or float so he wouldn’t drift away

‘i do it myself’, often, loudly, repeatedly!

no ray was seen today

so far but we still have this afternoon!

ps.  rob has found his favorite treat so far

it’s a local brand of ice cream bar dipped in chocolate

luka likes the strawberry cup

and i enjoy all that i’ve had so far

we had some for a snack today at 10 am and seller was surprised that we were having ice cream so early and i explained that luka had misbehaved the day before so we couldn’t have any

so if our choices were 10 am or none at all, we will take 10 am!


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