still waiting for santa

no pic cause our router is horrible, awful, not working…

but basically, we had a great christmas (thanks family for the gifts!!)  the kid enjoys the tractor/truck book while holding onto the big digger!

but he’s also still waiting for santa to come.  i think that he has it in his head that he will sit on santa lap and santa will hand him presents.  i don’t know where he got this idea cause really we read the nite before christmas and he knows that santa delivered his presents but still

he asks about 5 times a day when is santa coming!!!

ps.  we’re ready for monday so that the internet place with be open and we can get the router situation fixed better!

pps.  the highlight of the trip for the kid is probably riding on the plane (which bodes well for our trip home next year), riding on the buses (from terminals to the planes and back), seeing on the cement trucks around NBO and other construction vehicles.  he could have cared less about the animals and beach (although he loved digging in the sand like he was pretending to be a construction vehicle).  poppy loved the fish and i loved the giraffes


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