happy late 10 year anniversary and early christmas trip, part 1, it’s all kenya time


we headed out of LLW on a plane


that we got on by riding a BUS

the most important thing

according to lukasz

we ate that night at carnivores for poppy’s birthday

he had a good time

it was chilly

we had lots of mozzies and noises in the room

but that was ok cause we were only in nbo for 18 hr

we headed out the next morning for SAFARI!!!

in which lukasz was happy about it cause we were riding in a MINIBUS

we saw some things

the hyena and cheetah were the only predators that we saw

we had three breakfasts

we swam

the adults had massages

we swam

we enjoyed the stars and cool cool weather

we had lunch up on the only hill that we saw

we headed back to nbo

we did some shopping

i got a bernina (ok really a bernetta but still MUCH better than what i’ve got now)

we found a ‘play place’ at the mall for lukasz to slide and jump

poppy found awesome food

we headed over to the giraffe and elephants

we bought a huge wooden curio that i’m afraid of

and then packed for the next portion of our trip


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