happy late 10 year anniversary and early christmas-part 2, the seychelles

we arrived at the seychelles

and we didn’t immediately head to the beach

instead we ate a late lunch or early dinner at 4 and went to bed

don’t worry cause we were in the water the next morning at 830 am

which is very very early in the seychelles but as late as i could make the boys be without getting a divorce on our 10 year trip

we mostly went to new beaches in the morning and then in the evenings either went back to beaches that we liked or went shopping after nap time

we liked….  (i’ll need to look on a map and look it up)

some beaches had fine sand and others where still had lots of coral and sand in them

rob says that the indian ocean had a coral bleaching in 2008 which is why the coral isn’t as colorful as when we went to zanibar or moc island

we loved

we were trapped by the island forced to go to the beach in order to do anything….

great for me

great for poppy

and the kid is just happy with us


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