too tired or foreshadowing

see, we’ve just been on holiday

or vacation

or not in mala.wi doing our usual routine

bedtime routine

napping routine

all those great things that keep the kid on track

if you will remember, in those few weeks before leaving on holiday, the kid was attempting to drop his nap and in my mind i thought ok, we’re going on holiday that just means that we’ll be able to spend more time out during the day

only while on holiday, he returned to napping, alot, like more than 2 hr if we would let him, while sleeping in past 7 am, which is unheard of in mala.wi.


we relax while the kid is napping

only we were on holiday and sometimes sleeping in the ‘same room’ and sometimes the same bed

and NOW

he doesn’t want to sleep by  himself

in his bed

cause ‘it’s broken,  there is no daddy!’

i asked in the middle of yelling and screaming at me if he was a baby or a big boy (and for over a year, he has responded that ‘i not baby!  BIG BOY!) but i guess that he figured out that i was looking for big boy cause he screamed that he was a baby!

that’s what he said last nite at midnite while screaming that he was going to my bed


i’m not sure how to undo 3 weeks of co-sleeping

especially since i kinda get him calmed down, poppy is climbing into his bed and the power goes….

so basically the kid was awake from 1130 until 1 am and crying hard and i almost had him sleeping in his bed until the power goes

and i’m soooooo tired

when he sleeps with us, his head must be resting on one of our pillows like forehead to forehead but he can’t be under a blanket or sheet or anything.

sometimes he wants to hold your hand and other times, no touching (except for the forehead)

but ouch, the sleep training is rough…


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