we’re here and mostly dry

we’re flooding

horribly down south and up north, way north of my village

at least 50000 displaced that they know of

the embassy has asked for all non essential travel to stop

everyday, we hear of roads washing away

lots of roads

the lakeshore road going north

the escarpment road going to the lakeshore

the bridge outside BT

the bridge outside tete in moc.

we believe that’s why we don’t have any internet at the house

we have friends who went to the bank to withdraw money and since the network was down, the bank just let her withdraw as much as she wanted with out checking her balance (what bank does this?!?  oh, yeah banks in malaw.i)

bt town is flooding

our friends can’t release the hyena at mvu.u cause of the flooding at liwond.e

power is horrible all over the country

really horrible

we have friends that have been without since monday at lunch (it’s now wednesday evening) and we’re completely hydro here.  (but too much rain means that the screen get overwhelmed and can’t filter out the trash that is in the rivers and then the trash gets in the turbines causing even more problems)

lots and lots of issues

but we’re holding on

we have buckets of water in the bathrooms and 100 lt on the porch (that luka just wants to play in)


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