friday funnies

  • mommy (or daddy or amayi or amy or anyone else who is close) you are my friend…today!
  • luka had followed amy into room and was chatting with her while she was changing from work clothes to home clothes, she had a tank top on, he saw it and said WHOA!
  • we were playing blanket fort and i told luka that we needed to be quiet cause there was a tiger outside.  no mommy, it’s our tiger friend.  ok.  then maybe there is a croc.  no mommy, it’s  our croc friend.  he looks at me-‘shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  it’s a scary DRAGONFLY’
  • mommy, today i made amadoo (his friend from school) cry.  me-how come?  luka-cause i have too!
  • mommy (or daddy or whoever) today, i no fighting you!
  • mommy, i not finished pooping now


It is a rainbow and you can tell and see it!!!

ps.  my stomach (and l’s, too) are just a bit ‘bubbly’ with the medication and i just told amy that ‘my nose is burning’…  (cause i burbed out my nose)


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