the abc now

he’s now 43 in tall

he weights 18 kg

he wears a 3T jean that are too shorts in the leg and too wide in the waist

he wears a 3T top

he wears a size 9 shoe

he doesn’t like to get his hair cut

he naps 45-55 min a day

he wears a hat outside when the sun is up

his pj are a combo of 3T and 4T.

his favorite cartoon, right now, is paw patrol or micky or  bubble guppies (can you tell we got nick jr) or thomas train or  or or  (we still only watch before school, 10-25 min after a nap while he wakes up and then 15 min before bed)

he has pedals and chain on his orange bike that is too big now 🙂

he loves to tell you what he will have a snack at school

his favorite food is either rice and beans or curry and beans or anything that someone will fed him

he is certainly going to need 4T clothes when we come home

his favorite toys from christmas are the digger and the tractor/truck book

his favorite expressions are come on, man and OMG!  and cause i have too!


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