big boy school

well, he’s getting older and wiser.  and almost 4.  in malawi, that means you start school.  he’s finishing this year with nursery school and starts big boy (and girl) school.  there are several to choose from.  we are putting our egg in one basket.  we would like to go to the local chri.stian school.

we filled out an application.  we paid our deposit.

we had an assessment today…

abc school

it started at 1230.  yup, isn’t that what you want.  eight 3 yr olds who are tired and wanting their naps but instead are in a big boy school with people they don’t know asking questions that they aren’t sure of.

needless to say, lukasz arrived back at us 1 hr and 17 min later with the silent tears on his face.

here is hoping it went well! 🙂


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