we’re off


we’re off on a, hopefully pretty cheap, camping trip before we head home.  we’re going with friends cause we are awesome, like that! 🙂

(look at those cheeks! and cheese puffs.  and corn nuts!)


there may be some disappointment tomorrow.  luka knows that we’re going to america.  he knows that we’re going camping but somehow he thinks that gran is coming camping, too!


but i’m guessing that dusty and skipper will be coming so he’ll be fine.  i’ll be in the back of the truck.  so i won’t know otherwise until we get there.


this is probably that last big thing that we’ll do before we head off.  5 weeks or 6 weeks to go.  i really need to work on my shopping list (rain coat, jeans, shirts, bed sheets, tea towels, baking sheets, spices, underoos, boxers, shirts)


really, look at those cheeks!!!  i could and frequently do kiss them all up! 🙂  and it’s hard to tell but he’s got freckles on his nose!  so cute!


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