last day of preschool

His last day of preschool.  In malawi, school starts at age four so when we return and school starts again in August, he will be attending reception at a big kids school.  In a uniform.  Kinda scary.  He had his well child check up this week-18.4 kg and 43 in tall.  Great weight and height.  Off the charts in malawi.  Lukasz has thrived at rainbow.  So vocal now (everyone might want to carry ear plugs).  Loves to share toys and snacks.  Still not a fan of cuddling but loves to lick you like a puppy.  He loves paw patrol and dusty plane.  Chips.  Water only.  Still.  Pancakes over waffles.  But a big yes syrup.  No to fruit.  Counting twenty minus the 13 & 17 which I guess aren’t that important.

He has loveloved his two years there and we were glad for it.


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