day one, giant’s castle, knz

we did a 5 hr hike and a bit of an elevation change (the peak of the castle is 1080o ft and we didn’t summit.)  we guess that we walked about 6-8 km, probably at around 7200 ft.  WITHOUT CARRYING THE KID AT ALL!!!  woohoo!!!  he did awesome.  we stopped and looked at poop.  we looked at bugs. we saw eland.  we chatted about birds in the grasses and then dassies (similar to groundhogs but they live in rocks).   we saw rock art.  we played in the river throwing stones….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


our lodge had a view of giant’s castle but from the otherside.  we had a sweeping view and later that night, we had a most awesome thunder strom…


we ate awesome food.  i might have gotten a massage later that day.  poppy might taken luka to poop at the dirtiest toilet he has seen in rsa.


all in all a great 1st day of hiking…


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