so very very busy, sadly…

we have turned some corner, somewhere and now have entered the very grumpy and opinionated stage.  everything is huge and so sensitive…  hurt feelings at least 5 times an hour.

he is getting into trouble at school, as well.  (also, his teacher is out of school for a month, sick with something…)

we have started OT afterschool for some fine motor skills.  he continues to struggle with writing his name and it’s a skill that we have been working on since oct. and i just don’t have the skills.  i guess about 2 weeks  after school started after christmas, i made lukasz cry which made me cry which made me call rob at work.   so he did homework with lukasz for 1 week and then daddy said that we needed help!

so homework isn’t a struggle as long as you don’t actually need to read his handwriting.  we’ve got letters and numbers down.  we know that he needs glasses.  (that will probably be something we sort out over the summer). it’s a cross between the fine and gross motor skills.  it breaks my heart but i do want him to go to kgarden next year cause otherwise, he’ll be super bored.

and lastly, i’m returning to school.  my long term plan to do private practice here in the am while l is at school.  3-4 days a week.  i PROBABLY could do it with my bachelor, probably.  but i could use a refresher so i am getting a masters in counseling here in malawi…  (who knew?!?!?!).  if i don’t like the course, we aren’t out too much money.  and i’ll finish my application to UND for a MSW>  so we’re about to have some BIG changes for our family.   i have no idea what my schedule will be.  🙂

so just say a little prayer for us.



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