sports day and surely goodness shall follow

friday was demonstration day at school for luka (ie sports day).  it was also my last day for face to face at school and i got a text about 4 min before this that we were having a whole school assembly  with the chancellor and principal ( i had arranged with my 8 am class teacher to miss class until i got the text and no one was in class).  it sucked!  luka did awesome, according to rob, who thankfully was able to stay!!  the kid swam across the width of the pool (it’s a 8 lane pool).  twice!  his good friend y did it bunch rob said.  he swam under through a hoop.


before this, luka’s class sang the song during chapel.  they did great.  you can’t really see in the video but another of students from his class is leading them in the singing and hand movements.

feb 26 song in chapel

and SURPRISINGLY, luka was awarded the ‘goodness badge’ for the past 6 weeks for his class.  HUGE honor.  (the school gives out badges based on the fruits of the spirit every 6 weeks and that is the character trait that they work on for that time period.  each class has one or two for the 6 weeks based on teacher recommendations)

and our little boy won for his class.  it’s great to see that his teachers are appreciating his spirit.  we love his heart!!  ❤

and i cried and didn’t even know that it was happening  and was so thankful that i was able to attend chapel!!




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