Blah blah blah

We want out to dinner for last nite.  With friends.  It was fine.  The kids ate and played and ran all around.  Finished by ice cream..

20160626_165015Ice cream with sprinkles!!!


We arrived home to our neighbors alarm going off cause of thieves.  The police show up and fire shots around.  People were moving on the path behind the house disturbing the dog, the guard and myself until 12.  When L decided he could sleep anymore and he needed to be held and rocked until 3 am.  When i finally got to close my eyes…

Until 6 am when the kid informed me that his penis was hurting and he needed to wee.

I am super tired and passed on sports Sunday with friends.

L said that he wanted to stay home all day.  DONE☺


We are still in pjs and unbrushed teeth at 5 pm.  I did make a pot of chili for lunch and that we will eat again for dinner with grilled cheese.

I am also pretty sure that my child has watched more movies in the past 3 weeks then the rest of his combined!!  Planes 2 today!


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