Confession time

So since we want home last year, I’ve had 8 plus yeast infections (fun I know, right???!!!!!!) Plus 3 or 4 sounds of boils and we have changed our laundry soap.  All in 12 mo time!!!!

I am very sleep deprived and super grumpy and have little to no patience at all.

When I want in my annual just to check things out since I’m almost 40 last month the md thought it was possible that I actually might have a staph infection based on all the symptoms.

I don’t know what it is but I am ready for it to be GONE!!!! And to feel better.  And to not be grumpy.  No one likes that.

And just in case, playing hide seek today.   Can you spot him…


And i bought out old laundry soap this week so we’ll see!!



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