dirt dirt and some cupcakes

we have 100% entered into dusty season. this is ALMOST coinciding with time to jump into the pool season.  we aren’t too many degrees away from me wanting to jump in, alot.  like as in a daily activity.

so far, (we don’t know about his swimming schedule but…)  the kid’s schedule goes something like this

mon:  sandi @3:40 (music at school)

tues: ball skills @ 12:45, sandi @3:40 (art)

wed:  nada (library)

thurs: ball skills @12:45 (pe)

friday:  sundowners.  (chapel)

we know that swimming is twice/week.  and everyone swims on mon plus another day of the week.

plus homework

plus all the fine motor skills that they want him do.

did i mention that i need to do 600 hr of practicum plus my thesis!!!  this is gonna be awesome…

so probably no play dates unless they are late in the day or the weekends.

but today, play date…

smiles from both boys! ❤


Ps.  Oh you are a knight.  No, mommy, I am a knight in shining armour!!


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