Up and down

Wow!!  it’s been a long week and it’s only Wednesday!!!  it’s building up the heat again after some showers.   anxiety about going home is coming.   luka’s stutter has returned.  sadly.  plus luka invited 2 friends to come to America with us so I have make sure that the kids know that they can’t come!!!

And now the pictures. Number one. Don’t you love it when someone loves on your kid as much as you love your kid and points out a nice positive things about your kid so that you can point them out to your kid so that he feels kind of love. Number 2. School uniform at the end of art day covered in paint and splashes when I asked Lucas about it he remarked that they were making ice cream cones in art class I have absolutely no idea really what they were doing butt that’s what he told me. Number 3. Is that not the scariest picture you’ve seen of my kid in a while? Rob and I have notice the garage and the airport have been down from the Shelf when we leave Lucas slightly unattended IE movie go take a shower or we run outside. So today after he had gotten the garage down but we were tidying up I asked him to put the garage back up and he said that he can’t carry it up there he needs two hands so I asked him to show me how he gets the garage down….. huge mistake yeah. At dinner tonight Rob and I discussed safety and how that was not very safe. Number 4 this is an art project, why do we need to do art projects???


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